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Running Tips for Beginners

Running is undoubtedly a popular form of excercise, and many people are drawn to it, for its simplicity and little requirement for expensive equipment. However, being overly enthusiastic and having unrealistic goals can quickly lead to burn out, lack of motivation and even injuries.

Follow a Plan

Before starting, it is vital to assess one's own fitness level and draw up a plan accordingly. Most people have heard of the Couch to 5k challenge, but this is not something that can be easily achieved in only a few weeks. Potential runners should slowly build up their speed and stamina.

Breathe Properly

Mastering a proper breathing technique is essential, so as not to be left struggling for breath and feeling drained. Most new runners don't realise they should breathe in through their nose for a count of three and breathe out through the mouth for the same count. Keeping the correct upper body posture is also incredibly important, and this includes leaving the arms loose, not held rigidly.

Strength Training

It's not enough just to pound the streets or a treadmill, other types of exercise will make running more comfortable. Strength training builds up muscles and allows joints and bones to cope with the run. Lower body lifts are particularly useful.

It can be seen that a combination of having a strategic plan, learning to breathe correctly and undertaking some strength training will contribute to a successful exercise regime when taking up running.