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The Myrtl Routine: (1) This routine improves your range of motion and adds agility you’ll need for running

How To Breathe When Running: (4) How To Breathe When Running Long Runs Like 5K & Half Marathon

Essential Running Technique Tips for Proper Form: (3) We break down all the essential elements for efficient distance running form for your top speed and how to reduce the risk of injury. Including deep penetration……lol

Runners’ Yoga: (3) Yoga For Runners. This practice offers great release and rehab after a good run or cardio. Also a wonderful practice to repeat to up or maintain your running or cardio game. This sequence stays low to the ground. Use the breath to stretch and soothe the muscles of the body, stabilize the joints and Find What Feels Good. This 30 min practice uses the principles of yoga to cultivate balance and find ease. 30 mins of practice to allow, release, balance and restore!