Monthly Meeting Minutes: June 2017

Minutes of the June meeting

Members present: at least 100 members were present

Apologies: Andy Bashford, Rob Thomas, Richard and Louise Coates, Eric Hardwick, Carrie Dubber, Kim Callow, Shana

Minutes of Last Meeting Matters arising: Tim had to report that the incorporation of Hastings 5km championship race and Parkrun in November 2017 would not be able to go ahead and he read out the correspondence that he had received from Parkrun Event Support Manager in regard to this.

The email read……

Glen Turner shared an email with me that you recently sent him about having a clubs 5k championship race within a Saturday parkrun.

To be honest, we would rather that you did not do this.

Even though both sides may do all they can to ensure the safety of all the runners at parkrun, one of the biggest areas for complaints we get are from members of the public whom face our speedier runners not looking out for other park users. We want to do all we can to discourage this and when you ask runners to take part in a 5k championship, you really are encouraging quite the opposite.

Besides this, the priority for parkrun is in participation as you clearly know and we want to do all we can to encourage new and slower runners. The feedback we get suggests that this kind of event does intimidate and put folk off the experience making them less likely to return.

If you would like me to help you with liaising with the parkrun, I am happy to do so.

Joanne Sinton-hewitt
Event Support Manager | parkrun UK

Correspondence: None.

Membership: Mary reported 379 paid up members to date. There are plans to discuss ways in which renewals can be improved.

Treasurer: Rob was not present but had submitted his report for May 2017 and Tim distributed some copies and outlined the content.

Running Reports:

  • 7/5/17 Hastings Keith Chandler 5 Mile race (SGP/HRC) David Marshall reported a fantastic event enjoyed by all.
  • 14/5/17 South Downs Marathon Anthony reported it was GOOD! But tough….
  • 20/5/17 BMAF Relays Vets W65 (Sarah, Yockie, Mags) took part and brought home silver.
  • 21/5/17 Worcester Half Marathon Nadia had taken part in this event and recommended it.
  • 17/5/17 Club 5km (HRC) Poor weather did not deter a large number of members taking part. Many thanks to marshals.
  • 28/5/17 Rye 10 Mile Race (HRC/SGP) Nadia reported. Hilly but enjoyable.
  • 28/5/17 Liverpool Running Festival. Marie reported it was really good. High security following Manchester. 4 events – 10k, half marathon, marathon and fun run.
  • 6/6/17 Alan Corke (HRC)

Running Due:

  • 25/6/17 Heathfield 10K (HRC/SGP)
  • 2/7/17 Bewl 15 Mile (HRC/SGP)
  • 6/7/17 Barry Richards (HRC)
  • 15/7/17 Tim’s Off Road Run (HRC)
  • 19/7/17 Club 5k Handicap Race (HRC)
  • 24/9/17 Anderson Amble – Davinia asked for another driver and Dave said he would do this.

Sussex Grand Prix: Jo reported we are doing well as a club and she encouraged as many as possible to take part in SGP events.

Training Nights/Coaching: Following a recent coaches’ meeting, Tim had distributed a resumee of the discussion which took place regarding a head coach for the club in advance of a vote on this topic. Nick gave a precis of his suggestion and what he felt the role of the head coach would encompass in relation to matters such as compliance (health and safety, recording incidents, DBS, etc) as well as coaching (organising training for coaches and ensuring that runners joined the most appropriate groups, etc). He felt that there may have been some misinformation about his suggestion circulating before the meeting. Various members of the meeting took the floor to give their opinions before the vote. The proposal on which the meeting voted was: Should the club have a Head Coach? Yes or No. Results: yes – 44 no – 61

Hastings Half: Eric was not present; he had reported to Tim that all is progressing well. Eric is also involved in a new Northiam to Bodiam race. Hastings 5m: Tony thanked all helpers. Record entry for 3rd year running. £6,500 has been banked; some outgoings still. Anyone who collected sponsorship money should get it to the Hospice by 20th June. Tim congratulated Tony and the team on another very successful event. ParkRun: Nick reported the continuing success of our local ParkRun and some excellent results coming up. In light of the email from Event Support Manager, Tim queried with Nick whether there had been any repercussions regarding the recent mobmatch (HR and HAC) but Nick said this had not happened and Ken commented that many ParkRun mobmatches take place around the country.

Social Media/News, etc:

  • Tim congratulated Matt on his work in revamping our newsletter,
  • Anthony queried whether the Wednesday morning run was an informal one or should it be included in the list of runs on the website. It was agreed it could go onto the website.
  • Anthony raised the issue of inappropriate posts via Facebook and there were several comments about how this could be dealt with.
  • Website: Anthony looking at this currently and members will be canvassed to find out what everyone would like to see on the website.
  • Barcodes: if you keep the same email address, your barcode is still usable. If you re-register with a new email address you have to have a new barcode – check with Anthony.
  • Social Secretary: Andy was not present to report.
  • Quiz – Jules had reported it a success and several members agreed and said it was well attended.


  • Running Leader Tabards: Carol to look into these.
  • London Marathon Ballot Qualification: a suggestion had been put forward that if someone had been successful either via VLM ballot or HR ballot, they should step down for 2-3 years in order to give others a chance. Steve voiced the opinion that everyone should have an equal chance despite having already taken part. Various other suggestions came up. To be discussed further.
  • CPR Training: there were good reviews from coaches for this session and it will be repeated.
  • Mike thanked Tim for his handling of what could have become a difficult meeting and this was applauded.

Meeting closed at 9:40 pm.

Next meeting will be 5th July 2017 at 8pm