Monthly Meeting – Minutes: April 2017

HR Meeting

Members present:

Apologies: Sarah Marziaoli ,Andy Bashford Terry Kitson Kim Callow
Minutes of Last Meeting Matters arising: – Please check the newsletter for the last meeting minutes.

Correspondence: race adverts

Membership: 170 EA renewals 304 members in all Mary suggests paper copy application form , discussion ensued over online/cash payments, preference for online payments with online application or, paper and cash/cheque.

Treasurer: Rob Thomas reported, paper copy of review attached. Query from Andy Key over extent of cash in the bank, explained as historic, etc.

Running Reports:

  • Steyning, excellent,
  • Eastbourne Half enjoyed but windy
  • Pett XC, successful, big turn out, great race,
  • Hastings Half see separate report but Erica commented how hard, wind, etc.,
  • Paddock Wood Half
  • Sussex Relays.

Running Due:

  • Brighton M
  • London M
  • South Downs M
    • Tim mentioned clash of Northiam to Bodiam with our Rye to Hastings but probably cannot be avoided.

      Sussex Grand Prix: Representative required, one meet a year for rep to attend.
      Training Nights/Coaching: Bulverhythe efforts on a Thursday commence 06.04.17. Nick will try it for a month, runners must vote with their feet.

      Hastings Half: Eric reported, thanks to HR for support by runners, leaflets, barriers, etc., Apologies about the wind, great prize winning by HR, Prizegiving 16.04.17 at Azur. Tim commented on our use of the coach provided by the Lions for HR, noted Paul Cabban and Patience Cooper for caring for our kit upon the coach, reported by some as non-existent, Tim clarified and unhappy that Rambler had to clear two bags of kit and rubbish after ourselves.

      Hastings 5m: Victor advised race entries good, Terry looking for Marshals, please enter asap-it helps, Eric advised of a huge number of entries in the two weeks preceding the race day and 154 on the day entries. Tony reminded people that it helps greatly.

      Parkrun: Facts and figures presented by Nick Brown on attendance, numbers, records. 29.04 a so-called mob match between HR and HAC, Tim enquired on ethos of Park Run and competitive edge, Nick advised Park Run happy.

      Social Media/News, etc:
      Some issues with website but Anthony pursuing, appreciated by Tim.

      Social Secretary: Notes from Andy Bashford, to be reviewed by members, comments, quiz absence referred to, Natasha/Erica have note of someone interested in putting a quiz on, Natasha/Erica to follow up, Treasure Hunt hopefully in September.


      • Expenses for race relays: agreed previously a limit of £300.00 plus race fees but each event to be reviewed separately, Nick sees relay supports, entry fees and a contribution towards costs for participants. Team bonding, team PR, opportunities for older runners to shine, chance to shine more as a running club, propose an overall cap of around £1200 pa.
        • Treasurer notes just two events covered, last year £800 spent last year, suggesting doubling the event participation but spend up by 50%. Note that bank balance will drop to circa £9000 after EA is paid. Funds are slowly declining and maybe we should be mindful of this in any consideration.
        • Eric felt it worthwhile and good for the club.
        • Andy Key noted demographic change and considered the younger runners where there is risk they will move on if we cannot compete, the feeling is that if you are a competitive runner then HR is not the place to be.
        • Nick Webb felt also that County and National events are more significant from local events, we should support if we can and, we can.
        • Jan Young, it meant much to be an HR at a National Championship and recommends support for same. The query arose as to why we should be paying £4.00 entry fees to run in Hastings.
        • Andy Key suggest less attention to say Horsham or Aldershot but think of a budget for Nick B to manage determining which of these so-called high profile events should be financially supported.
        • Martin supported Nicks view.
        • Anthony, favoured the budget for a year and see how it goes.
        • Tim commented that it was not about funds but the principle. Two Masters and County Championship at Horsham plus Aldershot but within the budget.
        • Proposal by Michael Hall, Seconded Steve Uzzell, six against the rest for. Tabards, to be discussed further.
      • Park Run: Nicks view 80/90% of new members via Park Run. Park Run very happy for combining club race with a Park Run. November to be tried.


      • Natasha noted confusion by some over qualifications for championship tables. Clarification required.
      • Suggested clarification be added to the website and to be featured monthly in the Newsletter. Tim, Mike and Ken to determine and organise.
      • Age grading, Anthony will deal with.
      • Handicap in July. Possibly drop and introduce an alternative race. Next meeting.
      • South Downs Marathon few entries left and so enter now.
      • Reminder about parking at Pett Level for first of the off-road runs next Tuesday.

      Meeting closed at 21.40pm. Next meeting will be on 03.05.17