Monthly Meeting: July 2017 – Minutes

Present:  40 Members

Apologies: Steph Miller, Vic and Mary, Tony D, Andy and Jane Bashford, Jan Young, Ian Lovell, Shana, Ron
Minutes of Last Meeting Matters arising: Minutes had been distributed.

England Athletics –  Anyone from 1/7/17 still showing as ‘outstanding’ will not be highlighted as registered – this needs clarification.

Run the Rec, Battle , Friday, 11th August- Leo Cacciatore asked for help with the up and coming Battle ‘Run the Rec’ event ie borrow the clock, banners, volunteers for marshalling.  This free event is for children up to age 14 and will promote the Battle Health Pathway.

Ragnar Relay, 23rd and 24th September – Maidstone to Brighton. Teams of 10 to participate. Tim has full details.


Treasurer:  Rob had distributed copies of the report for June and gave further detail on certain details eg EA memberships are paid up now.

Running Reports:

  • 21/6/17 Peasmarsh Midsummer Hash-ish run – Becky came first in her age group
  • 25/6/17 Heathfield 10K (HRC/SGP) Dale enjoyed this event, which he ran for first time.  Well organised, plenty of HR participating.
  • 27/6/17 Dymchurch Relays – Ken, David B and Nick W took part and won their age category by a large margin. Several other HRs took part – 4k along the sea wall.
  • 2/7/17 Bewl 15 Mile (HRC/SGP) Jo reported, fantastic marshals, lots of water stops, excellent event. Dame Kelly Holmes took part and gave out prizes.  Medals ran out but will be sent to all those who did not get them. Sylv won her age group.

Running Due:

  • 6/7/17 Barry Richards (HRC)
  • 15/7/17 Tim’s Off Road Run (HRC)
  • 16/7/17 Fishbourne Flat 5
  • 19/7/17 Club 5k Handicap Race (HRC) Good numbers of entries. Last date for entry is the Monday before
  • 9/8/17 – Herstmonceux Relays
  • 24/9/17 Anderson Amble

Sussex Grand Prix  – Jo reported  Phoenix 10 km coming up (mid-week event.)

Training Nights/Coaching: Ken and Jane attending coach training soon and a further 4 people will do training in October.  Terry modelled the new bib for coaches.  Next meeting 13th September.

Hastings Half: Eric did not have a lot to report, at this time of year -he is hoping for the usual HR support.

Hastings 5m: No one present to report.

ParkRun: Nick reported – there was an average of 215 for the first half of the year, which is excellent attendance.  There are now signs for start/finish and kilometres.  Some good landmarks for HRs recently eg 100 Parkruns (Sue Palmer) and 50 Parkruns by a few other HRs.

Social Media/News, etc:  Anthony reported – has updated the site recently, nothing else to report.

Social Secretary: Andy was not present to report. Barbecue at Tim’s after the off-road run. Mike wondered if Andy would be able to


  1. Barcodes – Irene thought it might be handy to have ICE details on the back of the barcodes in case of issues during a club race.  The ICE cards which were made some while ago were still in use and it is up to runners to carry these with them whenever running.  It was suggested that ICE details could be written on the back of the barcodes as printing them officially would involve data confidentiality issues.  Irene to give details for distribution via our usual, to encourage people to carry ICE details with them and to write them on the back of their barcodes.
  2. Forum post – Morag brought up an issue around a post which was made by Nick Brown another on a public forum and caused some upset to many of those who had viewed it. Nick offered his apologies as he had not realised the comment was public and it was taken down quickly. Several members expressed their views on this and largely condemned the content of the post and what appeared to be behind it. It was mentioned that it was too late to apologise as the damage had been done and Nick’s wishes had been made public.   Nick Webb wanted to first state that all present knew that there was a potentially harmful situation developing in the club and without further discussion about what was behind it he felt that we should all work towards drawing a line under this current situation and there was a lot of agreement for this. Eric and Cassie backed this up and Cassie also reiterated we should follow our guidelines for best use of social media and not misuse it. Jill and Paul promoted the fact that non-runners can still be very involved members of the club via marshalling and enjoying the walking group – and probably would wish they could still be running.

    Tim concluded this discussion by emphasising the final positive notes amongst the above comments and encouraging everyone to follow Nick webb’s view and draw a line under the issues. The meeting endorsed this view and all members present were of one mind on the need to put an end to the disagreements.

  3. London Marathon club ballot – Paul Birchett referred to the discussion at the last meeting, regarding whether the rules of entry to the club ballot should be changed eg if someone is successful one year, they should be excluded from the club ballot for a specified number of years. Paul C suggested it be proposed at the meeting and publicised in the newsletter, etc, so club members could vote on it. Natasha felt it should be an AGM decision but Mike thought it could be done now but not be effective until a year ahead. Whatever the outcome it was generally felt that it would be in the spirit of the club to not enter the ballot if successful at least the previous year. Tim will put something together and bring it up again at the next meeting. Terry mentioned that all details of this kind are in the FAQs for new members on the website.
  4. Pram Race 2nd August – Nick W is organising this again.  Unfortunately it clashes with the date of the next meeting but doubtless there will be good support.  Last year, HR were the 3rd highest fundraisers.

Meeting closed at 9:00 pm.  Next meeting will be 2nd August 2017 at 8pm.