Subscribe via EA

From 2018 club members will be registering and renewing via a web based system administered by England Athletics

Club Membership Options

There are 3 options to choose from:

  1. Club Members & EA £25 (EA membership fees increase by £1 to £15 for 2018)
  2. Club Members only £10 (fees remain unchanged)
  3. Over 70 Club Members & EA £15

Over 70 Club Members only no fee – please contact Mary Chantler  

Club subscriptions are paid on line with a bank debit / credit card only (no PayPal option)

New Club Members

Register online from 2 January 2018. If you chose to affiliate with EA you will get the benefit until 31 March 2019, for the first year only, on both the EA and club subscription (Not applicable for members who have held an EA number previously)

Runners wishing to register in 2017 can continue to do – full details are on the club web site. Please note club and EA subscriptions paid in 2017 expire 31 March 18      

Go to Membermojo to register your membership with the club

You will receive an acknowledgment via email which will include a payment link to EA

Select your payment option from above and confirm that the additional transaction fees will be paid on your behalf by Hastings Runners

Existing Club Members

Annual renewals will be available from 1 April 2018, further details will follow

Personal Records

It is important that we maintain an accurate register of all members, with up to date names, addresses, contact numbers and email addresses.

EA registered members are to update details directly on line, using their URN and password. All enquiries on EA records must be made via myAthletics portal

Non EA members please advise Mary Chantler of any changes as soon as possible.

We require all members’ personal records to be updated by 31 March 2018.