London Marathon 26.04.2015 – Results

London Marathon 26.04.2015 - Results  
Mark Dobbs3.11.10
Nick Webb3.30.14
Richard Coates3.46.23
Steve Willis3.47.59
Sarah Marzaioli3.57.52
Scott Parsons3.59.31
Jenna French4.01.16
Luke Evans (debut)4.01.41
Simon Trevena (debut)4.03.03
Katy Sumner (debut)4.10.44
Cale Sinfield (debut)4.10.47
Matt Beaver4.17.38
Dave Pendleton4.28.05
Dave Wood4.28.38
Marie Appleton4.38.17
Nicky Wood (debut)4.50.40
Rosie McSweeney (debut)5.07.16
Patrick Hale (debut)5.27.10
Dave Mercer5.35.19
Erica Wilson5.50.08

Hastings Runners were magnificent in their participation in the Virgin London Marathon once again. First home was Mark Dobbs in his debut marathon and an excellent time 3hrs.11mins.10 secs, Nick Webb 3.30.14, Richard Coates 3.46.23, Sarah Marzaioli with a splendidly youthful 3.57.52, Steve Willis 3.47.59, Scott Parsons 3.59.31, Jenna French 4.01.16, Luke Evans (debut) 4.01.41, Simon Trevena (debut) 4.03.03, Katy Sumner (debut) 4.10.44, Cale Sinfield (debut) 4.10.47, Matt Beaver 4.17.38, Dave Pendleton 4.28.05, Dave Wood 4.28.38, Marie Appleton 4.38.17, Nicky Wood (debut) 4.50.40, Rosie McSweeney (debut) 5.07.16, Patrick Hale (debut) 5.27.10, Dave Mercer 5.35.19, Erica Wilson 5.50.08. Amongst this sterling group of runners and who had trained relentlessly for many months were two ladies in their upper sixties, whose fitness shows what is quite achievable.