Hertsmonceux Castle Relays 6th August 2014

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Herstmonceux Castle Relay Results 2014


  • 7th    HR Men’s A team    32.32 … Stuart Piper 7.45; Mark Dobbs 8.15; Leo Cacciatore 8.19; Dale Saxby 8.13
  • 10th  HR Men’s Vets A    33.58 … Ashley Varley 8.29; Scott Robertson 8.25; Martin Noakes 8.41; Mike Beaumont 8.23
  • 13th  HR Men’s B team   34.38 … Matt Edmonds 8.16; Phil Scott 8.41; Ben Muggridge 9.04; Patrick Bermingham 8.37
  • 20th  HR Men’s Vets B    36.50 … Matt Beaver 9.10; Tim Bones 9.24; Andy Knight 9.20; Mario Quecchia 8.56
  • 35th  HR Ladies Vets      39.33 … Riz Maslen 9.00; Helen Brown 10.36; Hannah Hayler 10.23; Rosalie Uphill 9.34
  • 40th  HR Ladies team     41.22 … Melissa Bedwell 10.29; Katie Taylor 10.15; Sarah Howe-Hughes 10.07; Katy Sumner 10.31
  • 44th  HR Mixed team E   42.23 … Anthony Gardner 9.41; Luke Evans 10.20; Scott Parsons 10.33; Stacey Hayler 11.49
  • 45th  HR Mixed team B   42.34 … Richard Tandy 9.29; David Bratby 9.51; Paul Sargent 9.43; Arrianne Callow 13.31
  • 46th  HR Mixed team C   42.35 … Richard Coates 9.57; Fraser Hughes 9.55; Andy Bashford 11.11; Jane Batcheler 11.32
  • 47th  HR Mixed team F    42.43 … Mark Lutman 9.42; Henry Worthington 13.55; Anthony Gardner 10.15; Ashley Varley 8.51
  • 48th  HR Mixed team D   42.57 … Gareth Hodges 9.39; Terry Kitson 12.27; Maria Trotman 12.08; Mark Thomas 8.43
  • 53rd  HR Mixed team A   44.11 … Nick Webb 9.21; Ken Hughes 9.19; Suzi Frost 11.16; Brenda Boyle 14.15
  • Fastest 5 HR men … Stuart Piper 7.45; Dale Saxby 8.13; Mark Dobbs 8.15; Matt Edmonds 8.16; Leo Cacciatore 8.19
  • Fastest 5 HR ladies ..Riz Maslen 9.00; Rosalie Uphill 9.34; Sarah Howe-Hughes 10.07; Katie Taylor 10.15; Melissa Bedwell 10.29

A fantastic turnout with Hastings Runners fielding 12 teams out of the record entry of 70 teams at the Herstmonceux Castle Relays, organized by Hailsham Harriers. Teams of 4 runners each ran a demanding 1.50 mile stage over a challenging course within the castle grounds, finishing with a sweeping downhill run to the finish opposite one of the most iconic castles in the South East. The Men’s A team did superbly well to finish 7th in a top quality field, less than 2mins 30secs behind the winners Lewes AC. Stuart Piper ran an excellent first leg, coming in 3rd with the 6th fastest time of the evening … in fact he ran faster than everyone in the Hastings AC team other than their star runner Max Thomas.  Mark Dobbs, Leo Cacciatore and Dale Saxby all ran well to consolidate our highest place finish in recent years.

Ashley Varley got the Men’s Vets A team off to an excellent start in the opening leg, and the remainder of the team Scott Robertson, Martin Noakes and Mike Beaumont gradually increased their advantage to nearly 90secs over their nearest rivals Meads Runners and Hailsham Harriers; finishing 10th and 1st Vets team in a time of 33.58. The Men’s B team also did well to finish 13th in 34.38; whilst the Men’s Vets B team finished 20th in 36.50.

The Ladies Vets team, despite a fine opening leg by Riz Maslen in 9.00 which gave them a 15secs lead, were up against a very strong Hailsham Harriers quartet and finished just over 2mins adrift. However 35th place and 2nd Vets team in a time of 39.33 was a commendable effort. They finished nearly 2mins ahead of the Ladies senior team who came 40th in a time of 41.22, with Sarah Howe-Hughes running their fastest leg in 10.07.

However the real drama was just about to unfold with the 6 mixed teams still out on the course, competing for the HR mixed team trophy. The teams had been matched as closely as possible to ensure a tight finish; and they duly obliged with the first 5 teams coming in like London buses separated by just 34secs! Team A held a 40secs lead after the first two legs thanks to fast opening stages by Nick Webb (9.21) and Ken Hughes (9.19). However Paul Sargent’s 9.43 time on the 3rd leg gave Team B a 53secs lead going into the final leg. This looked like being decisive only for a fine anchor leg by Stacey Hayler (11.49), who caught Arrianne Callow on the downhill run in to secure victory for Team E (Anthony Gardner, Luke Evans and Scott Parsons). Arrianne (Team B) however did extremely well to fend off the fast finishing Jane Batcheler (Team C), as they crossed the line almost together. Just 8secs later Ashley Varley, running his second leg of the evening, crossed the line for Team F; followed 14secs later by Mark Thomas (on loan from Hastings AC!) who made up 8 places to bring Team D back into contention. These teams finished 44th to 48th. In 53rd place were Team A.

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