Farmer Tim’s 5miler (4.7 miler) (15-07-207)

Following the Barry Richards 10k next Thursday I have the pleasure of hosting the Summer 5 mile off road club only race at Pickham Farm, Watermill Lane, Pett TN35 4HX on Saturday July 15th.

There will be a children’s race starting at 4.30 suitable for all ages as it will only be approximately half a mile. Following this at 5 pm the adults race will start which is actually around 4.7 mile and takes runners out from the farm around some fields and into Guestling Wood before returning to the farm. members are welcome to bring their families along as well and enjoy the garden and animals we have here. if you want you can also bring a tent and camp afterwards but please let me know if you are..

Following the race everyone is invited to the BBQ where much making merry will unfold but please bring your own food to cook although I will be happy as usual to offer some of my own succulent lamb specially prepared for the occasion. It would also help tremendously if there were contributions of salads and deserts and of course please bring your own drink.

I look forward to seeing many of you there