EGM Meeting – Minutes: February 2017

Members present: 26

Apologies: Nigel; Natasha; Liz; Emma; Patience; Mike

To discuss the proposal (below) put by Andy Key and seconded by a majority at the last members’ meeting

It was proposed that as of the new membership year members would pay the England Athletics affiliation fee as part of the club subscription making the total subscription £24. We had thought that the aforementioned proposal was sufficient to bring forward any changes the membership wanted by calling this EGM and putting it to a vote. Following discussions with those that drew up the constitution,however, it has become apparent that we cannot change the current position regarding membership subscriptions merely find a consensus to put a formal resolution to the next AGM. The committee therefore invite discussion on this topic.

Chairman Tim went over the reason for the extraordinary meeting. Details of the options regarding membership of EA and HR membership fees had been sent around to the membership


  • Communicate clearly to members what the 2 types of membership are and the implications


  • Ensure all members are aware of how much money club has to pay to EA


  • Race directors should ensure that there is a way to differentiate between EA and non-EA members who are taking part in races. (This is not always clarified on entry forms)
  • current non-EA membership fee for HR is very low, compared with other clubs


  • usually clubs have a set membership fee not a variety of options according to


  • Members should be encouraged to join EA but not forced to via an increased fee
  • One advantage is the increased number of London Marathon club places which would be available but this would be of interest only to those keen to run the marathon


  • As a new member, would have preferred to have had the option of paying just one set fee which included EA


  • We could lose many helpful members who do not race but are willing to marshal etc


  • Was no aware of the difference when she joined. She would prefer two options as, for instance, her husband likes to be a member but is not a runner


  • Need to make is very clear what the advantages of joining EA are, if you want to run and participate in races. However, in favour of a 2 tier system.


  • We have tried to make the membership page clearer regarding membership


  • Make it clearer not just by written information but also by coaches talking about it


  • Add FAQs about this topic on membership page / welcome pack


  • In favour of one higher fee


  • Extra £14 is around 46p per week – very little to ask people to pay. (Some debate about this.)


  • There are many new members who may want to run Hastings Half. Steph explained implications of them joining between January and March.


  • Implications for race directors when people have paid the lower fee / enter on the day


  • No taxation without representation!


  • Speaking as author of the constitution of Hastings Runners. Advised all to look at EA website – re special dispensation for road running clubs / entry as individual / entry as a team. His interpretation is that there is no obligation for runners to be affiliated unless running as part of a team.


  • Above only applies in championship races.

Result of straw poll re proposal to raise the club fees to include EA membership

11 for
13 against