What is it?

There are currently 2 club championships, first Past the Post and Target Times. As the name suggest in the FPP championship, the winner is the first finisher, who is awarded 200 points, and so on down. The target time championship is based on the person’s target time for each race distance, which is worked on previous years performance or on best information available.

There are also awards made for the various male and female age groups, in the FPP championship.

In the target time championship a bonus of 200 points is available for marshalling in one of the 8 club races, this gives you the opportunity to score in 9 races. The aim of the Target Time Championship is to give each member an equal opportunity to win the championship by rewarding consistent good performance throughout the year.

Every club member will be given a Target time for each distance of the club distances 5K, 5 Mile, 10 K , 10 Mile and Half Marathon. After each race the percentage difference in race time against target time will be calculated ( Target Time – Race Time ). Championship points will be awarded on the calculated time and the best percentage time gaining the most points. Target times are calculated at the beginning of each year and are published on the club website.

Remember the aim of this championship is to give every member an equal opportunity to win the championship, if you consider your target time to fast or to slow you can appeal against your time. The appeal should be in writing and include the distance and time appealed, together with a proposed time and supporting evidence. This should be sent to Ken Hughes email HRChampionship@gmail.com

There are 23 races, plus an optional marathon of your choice, that gain points towards club championships. Only the best 8 count, 3 of these races must be Club events. Points will be awarded only if club vests are worn.

Please note championship points are not awarded for the shorter races run within Pier to Pier race and the Rye to Hastings.

London Marathon draw for Club places, is subject to the following conditions, Anyone wishing to apply must have been rejected in London Marathon ballot, have been a fully paid up member EA member from start the clubs membership year, and have marshalled a club race or club hosted race i.e. Pett XC or Keith Chandler, and run in at least 3 club only races.