Club C’ship: Bewl 15miles (02-07-2017) – Race Info

This is another challenging but very scenic multi terrain route featuring much of Bewl Reservoir and the undulating lanes around Wadhurst and the surrounding area. The race is invariably ranked in the top 10 UK races by Runner’s World readers.

This Sussex Grand Prix races starts at 10.30am; and online entries (£24.00 for club runners) are currently available at Nice Works. Entries are usually available on the day at a cost of £26.00 (club runners); but would advise checking with Nice Work beforehand (Nice Works – email). Parking and race HQ at Uplands Community College, Wadhurst TN5 6AZ

This weekend is invariably blessed with good weather, and current forecast is 18C and sunny! The vast majority of runners suffer badly in hot weather, so you need to be well hydrated beforehand and pace yourself sensibly although there are a number of water stations en route. 715 runners took part in this race last year – leading HR man was Bob Russell (43rd in 1hr 48mins) and first HR lady finisher was Jenna French (2hrs 3mins).

Please note that to be eligible to score championship points, you need to be a paid up HR club member and also need to wear an HR top.

To recap: there are 3 separate club championships – first past the post; age graded; target times.

At the end of the year your points for your 8 best races are added together to give your total points score in each category.

For the target times championship only; you must complete at least 3 of the 7 – 8 club races. In addition you can obtain 200 bonus points in this category by marshalling at one of the club races. If you choose not to marshal a race, then you have no chance of winning! As there are a limited number of marshals required for each race, then it pays to marshal early on in the calendar year as you may find later in the year that all the marshalling slots are already taken!