Club Championship: Eastbourne Half Marathon (05-03-17)

The second race of the club championship is the EASTBOURNE 1/2 marathon on Sunday 5th March. This is a relatively flat course apart from a very steep hill between 2 and 3 miles, and the route takes in Sovereign Harbour. Please note that slower runners (ie those taking circa 2hours 15mins or longer) have in the past been held up by the swing bridges in the harbour area. The race start is at 10.00am; is chip timed; and online entries only now (ie no postal entries).

Eastbourne Half Marathon

Please note that to be eligible to score championship points, you need to be a paid up HR club member and also need to wear an HR top. The use of headphones is not permitted in this event, as the roads are not closed to traffic.

To recap: there are 3 separate club championships – first past the post; age graded; target times.

At the end of the year your points for your 8 best races are added together to give your total points score in each category.

For the target times championship only; you must complete at least 3 of the 7 – 8 club races. In addition you can obtain 200 bonus points in this category by marshalling at one of the club races. If you choose not to marshal a race, then you have no chance of winning! As there are a limited number of marshals required for each race, then it pays to marshal early on in the calendar year as you may find later in the year that all the marshalling slots are already taken!