AGM 2016: Minutes (19-10-2016 )


on Wednesday 19th October 2016 at Horntye Sports Centre

Attendance: 31 members were present

Apologies: Anthony Gardner; Eric Hardwick; Roger Mandry; Hayley Ransom; Rob Thomas

Minutes of previous AGM:
The minutes of the 2015 annual general meeting were approved, with no matters arising.
Moved: Paul Cabban
Seconded: Rod King

Chairman’s Report: The Chairman’s report was read and accepted.
Moved: Michael Hall
Seconded: Andy Bashford

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer, Rob Thomas, had prepared the report which was presented by Bruce Colvin and the accounts were accepted.
Moved: Cassie Colvin
Seconded: Joe Edwards

Appointment of an Auditor: It was proposed that Sellens and French should audit the accounts presented at this meeting.
Moved: Bruce Colvin
Seconded: Mary Chantler

Current Club Officers: Names of current club officers were read out and, with one exception, all were happy to continue in their roles. It was therefore proposed that they should continue.
Moved: Paul Cabban
Seconded: Richard Coates

(Kim Callow had announced his intention to step down from his role as Newsletter editor. There is a possible successor – to be confirmed at an ordinary meeting.)

Any Other Business:
Subscriptions for the coming year: There was discussion regarding whether subscriptions should be increased. It was proposed that they should remain the same for the coming year.
Moved: Michael Hall
Seconded: Bruce Colvin

Arrangements for reimbursements up to £100: There was discussion regarding making it easier to disburse smaller sums of money. It was proposed that the Chairman + one other officer of the club should have the discretion to spend up to £100 without referring to a meeting.
Moved: Terry Kitson
Seconded: Kim Callow